Perforation in architecture

We are to assist you in mirroring your designs into sheet metal

Due to contemporary architecture searching for innovative solutions, carefully processed metal sheet finds increasing application in modern civil engineering.

Perforation in a variety of shapes, hole patterns, irregular shapes and free forms, revives the metal giving it quite new usability.

Seize the possibility of design and let us your projects mirror on the construction facilities.

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You may consult us while designing process, so that we can adjust your ideas with our production possibilities

Sample production

Prior to assembly line production we develop the designed product prototype and produce samples

Our responsibility lies in producing each element with highest quality and accuracy

Following a comprehensive quality control, packaging and labelling, the products are ready for shipping

Perforation in architecture

Products designed for exterior arrangement

Perforated metal sheet façades

Perforated metal sheet façades are produced on all types of metal sheets, with dimensions and perforation holes in accordance with submitted design. As contemporary construction solution they provide the facilities the custom – built appearance.

Metal sheets façades panels

As elements, ventilation metal sheets façades are produced on all types of metal sheets, both as flat façade panels and façade cassettes with bent edges. Metal façade panels are ideal solutions to reconstruction of either old or building new facilities.

Yard and balcony fences

Apart from its exceptional functionality metal sheet fences feature durability, design uniqueness which do not require additional maintenance costs. Fences are produced from metal sheets, perforated or laser cutting details.

Protective fences

The main features of protective fences are their durability, solidity, resistance as well as design uniqueness. The fences can be made of metal sheets, perforated and/or with laser cutting details.

Brise Soleil and Solar Shading System

Brise Soleil and solar shading system are formed as lamellas combined with carriers. Brise soleil are used as sun protection, it prevents heat accumulation and still is an essential and dominant façade detail and provides the facilities the custom – built appearance.

Perforated profiled metal sheets

In partnership with our associates specialized in metal sheet profiling, we are to offer various types of trapezoid and sinusoidal profiled metal sheets. They are used for constructing built-in flat roof systems, façade decoration as well as fence production and civil engineering industry panels.


Application of perforated sheets in exterior

GTC X – Novi Beograd 2022

Integrated Micro Electronics – Nis 2019

Nelt Dobanovci 2018

Zezeljev most – Novi Sad 2017

La Perla Hotel Complex – Tivat 2016

Our experienced production and development team is always prepared to respond to each of your perforated metal sheets requirement

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