We are the connoisseurs of perforation and metal processing focused on the very quality of our products

Perforated metal sheets in plates and rolls.

Perforation application in interior and exterior decoration.

Sieves and anti-slide treads as well as ribbed metal sheets.

Trays, pans transport pan holders and other utensiles.

Our team of experienced engineers within the production and development department will readily respond to each of your requirements as for perforated metal sheets

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The DRIM company has become a family-based company employing more than 30 employees owing the state-of-art manufacturing equipment, gaining constantly trust of the new customers thanks to decade-long experience and product quality.

Integrated management system

Our business management and organization are conformed to standard requirements ISO 900:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 due to our being conscious of the fact that the product is to be of high quality, safe for usage and without any negative impact on the environment.


Naša misija

Having relied on ideology, knowledge and clear vision of the DRIM founder Blagoje Drndarevic, we have advanced our production equipment, appreciated the inherited experience and set a sole goal – to maintain everything which is good and upgrade all segments where necessary.