Additional bakery
industry utensils

For the purposes of professional bakers, apart from numerous bakery industry products, we have provided a large scope of additional equipment and utensils for bakers.

Drim offers highly quality bread and pizza baking shovels, burek cutters, pizza cutters, dough cutters and bakery trolleys castors.

Baking shovel

Material: aluminium Al Mg3, stainless steel
AiSi304 / 430

Material thickness: 1.5 - 2.00 mm

Dimensions: 410x610,
535x550, 620x620 mm

Perforation: with or without perforation

Additional options: with or without handle

Other dimensions per customer's request

Burek cutter

• stainless steel blade

• propylene handle

Pizza cutter

• rotary stainless steel blade

• ergonomic propylene handle

Dough cutter

• 5 rotary blades

• adjustable width of cutting

• stainless steel blades

Bakery trolleys castors

• produced from rubber, fireproof polyamide, whide polyamice

• with or without brakes

Integrated management system

All bakery equipment is produced in conformity with standards regulating health management and is subjected to valid sanitary norms. Our business management and organization are conformed to standard requirements ISO 900:2015 and ISO 14001:2015