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Perforated Sheet Metal

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Due to contemporary architecture pursuing innovative solutions, uniqueness and originality, different both interior and exterior designs, carefully processed sheet metals, all aforementioned segments find their growing applications in modern civil engineering. Perforated sheet metal in its different shapes, hole arrangement, sheet metal laser cutting, irregular and unbound forms, vitalize the metal giving it a completely distinct dimension and usability. Our own tool workshop enables us to manufacture the most demanding kinds of tools with micro holes ø0.5mm and more than that one or any hole according to the customer`s request. Perforation is performed on different kinds of materials: aluminum, inox, hot and cold rolled sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, brass and copper, of the thickness which varies between 0.4 – 8mm. Except for the construction, perforated sheet metals are applied in other segments of industry such as: metal industry, furniture industry, car industry, food and bakery industry, home appliance industry with home audio equipment, lumber industry. Primarily, sheet metal perforation is defined by its hole (either standardized or on request), but at the same time it is important to specify the size holes arrangement, type and thickness of the material being perforated, as well as the final piece dimension.
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