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Perforated sheet metal with decorative holes

Due to contemporary architecture searching for innovative solutions, uniqueness and originality, different both interior and exterior designs, carefully processed sheet metals find their growing applications in modern civil engineering. Perforated sheet metal in its different shapes, hole arrangement, sheet metal laser slitting, irregular and freer forms vitalize the metal giving it a completely different dimension and usability. Our own tool shop enables the production of the most demanding types of tools which with their distinctive arrangement achieve a unique visual effect. Decorative sheet metal is fabricated on different types of materials: aluminum, cold and hot rolled sheet metal as well as galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, copper, corten steel and other types of steel. Due to its extraordinary functional features this type of sheet metal is applied in interior design (partition panels, radiator masks production, furniture items), façade cladding production, balcony and yard fences, sun protection, air conditioning masks and other segments as for exterior.

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