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Bakery industry equipment

Experience as quality guarantee
Having gained considerable experience in both processing and sheet metal perforation, we have used the same for the development of a wide range of products designed for bakery and bakery industry. High material quality of renowned suppliers, a strong framework as well as controlled production process guarantee the sustainability, simple usage and high product quality. All products designed for bakery industry are fabricated on alloy aluminum (AIMg3) or acid resistant acid steel (AISI304), and in accordance with standards of health safety regulations together with meeting valid sanitary norms. Our range of products comprises a substantial number of pans and tins for various purposes - tin trolleys, deep frying pans, pizza, bread and pastry scoops, transport pan holders, fermentation chamber bearing and other bakery utensils. Due to experience and demands of our customers, we have developed a substantial number of standard product models designed for bakery industry, and we are also willing to produce tins and pans according to your individual demands.
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