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About us

Based on the decade – long manufacturing experience together with traditional family values, meeting the demands of our customers as well as the standards laid upon modern economy, we have built a developmental path starting with a metalworking workshop, eventually establishing a modern, family-based company. Founded on the ideology, skills and clear vision of the DRIM company`s founder, Blagoje Drndarevic, we have advanced our knowledge and manufacturing equipment,  appreciated inherited experience and set a clear goal – to retain everything we consider being advantageous and upgrade everything which might be better so as to offer our customers the quality we are bound to provide. Having respected the years we have left behind, thanks to persistent work, improvement and patience, these days, we are to say that we have succeeded. The DRIM company has become a modern, family-based company employing more than 30 employees, owing the state-of-art manufacturing equipment, gaining trust of the customers not only all over the country but also  abroad, willingly being able to meet requirements, even the most demanding customers, which is our best possible recommendation.

Production Line

DRIM d.o.o. as the company specialized in sheet metal perforation, laser cutting as well as sheet metal processing, is to offer its customers  a wide range of high quality sheet metal products  and their various applications.

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Quality Management System

The product quality having been the fundamental value and main objective of the DRIM d.o.o., our business activities as well as organization, have been synchronized since 2008 in compliance with requests of ISO 9001:2015 standard and  with a sole purpose of offering our customers a high quality product in line with  good market practices and also of safety usage.

Being conscious of the fact that we are part of the nature and environment, we have implemented ISO 14001:2015 in our production plants which proves that we  care for the environment and decrease any negative effects.

So as to be certain of quality and product accuracy, we have decided on choosing our suppliers having been our reliable partners with whom we have built strategic relations.

We provide certificates for all our products referring to the origin and quality of used materials.

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Our Team

The employees are the highest value of the DRIM company. We have set the goal to provide our employees the best work conditions cherishing mutual respect and collegiality, developing a team spirit and creating a creative work atmosphere with high appreciation of each individual. All of the employees are bound to and responsible for offering an active and creative contribution to achieving the required product quality, policy and goals fulfilment, environmental protection issues, along with being guided by genuine family values contributing to as better functioning of the entire business communication system as possible, both within the company and business partners and other stakeholders.

There are more than 30 employees on the DRIM team contributing to attaining new success with their every day engagement and endeavors. The key to the success basically lies in experience, knowledge as well as various educational profiles of our fellow workers (mechanical engineers, information system technicians, toolmakers, welders, milling machine operators, lathe machine operators, sales and supply managers, lawyers, economists) all assigned to different departments making the foundation and the very essence of business operations.

Why us?

Being conscious of the fact that it is hard to find a reliable and trustworthy partner whose product quality we thoroughly trust, we incessantly endeavor to justify the trust of our present and attract attention of our prospective customers.  So as to achieve the set goal we have done our best to conspicuously stand out not forgetting the business policy and quality together with respecting the following demands:

  1. We behave towards all customers with respect and professionally, meeting their demands
  2. Our suppliers are reliable and trustworthy partners
  3. Production process has been raised to an enviable level
  4. We are constantly investing in production equipment modernization
  5. We own more than 500 different tools designed for perforation and our own metalworking workshop for tools production
  6. Production flexibility enables us to provide short delivery terms
  7. We insist on constant education and training of our employees
  8. Specific customers` demands are our challenge and inspiration
  9. We are focused on incessant compatibility with world`s industrial trends
  10. We endeavor to provide our customers with not only the product but also solutions together with post-sale support

The DRIM company mission is to retain everything being considered advantageous and upgrade every segment so as to offer our customers the quality we are bound to provide.