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Flat tins – perforated and non-perforated

Material: We produce tins of Almg3 sheet metal ( aluminum alloy ) or INOX ( show tins ). Material thickness of 1.5 mm or on buyer’s request.

Dimensions: Standard dimensions: 400x600, 380x580,200x600, 300x400, 600x800, 580x780. All the other dimensions as well as the tin depths can be produced upon buyer’s request. The tins are closed from all the four sides. However, on buyer’s request we can produce the following:

  • tins open from one side at the angle of 45º,
  • tins open from one or two sides,
  • without sides ( trays ).

Perforation hole: ø 3mm, elongated 4 x 20 ( for freezing ) or on request.

Perforated Flat tin
Flat tin of disruptive perforation
Perforated Flat tin
Perforated Flat tin with dividers
Perforated flat tins with elongated holes
( for shock chambers )
Non – perforated flat tin
Non – perforated flat tin
Non – perforated flat tin
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